Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Step to the Dog and get fucked up

While this blog is no doubt for top rap verses (as the title would lead you to believe), I will include memorable verses, notable verses, verses that kicked your ass every now and then. Today’s entry will be one of these.

Tim Dog’s “Fuck Compton” was one of those songs that when first heard, you instantly hit rewind (we had tapes back in those days’ people) and listen to it again. Around the turn of ’93 when I picked this album up, my man B-Shan was with me. He has heard about it so after my purchase we headed back to my house and popped it in the deck. I remember both of our jaws dropping as we listened to Tim Dog go after the mighty N.W.A and Ice Cube. It was pretty much intense for a couple white boys…well I’m white and the jury is still out on Bill but I digress.

The twist with Tim Dog is this. Dude fucking sucks as a lyricist. I’ve actually farted out a better rhyme than what this guy would drop on his album. However for pure shock value he gets the high grade. For blowing me away with his rhymes even if for the wrong reasons, he gets the nod here on top rap verses. Should you want to hear some of the early gas that helped ignite the East Coast / West Coast feud, give Timmy D a download or two.

(Why you dissing Eazy?)
'Cause the boy ain't shit
Chew him with tobacco, an' spit him in shit
I crush Ice Cube, I'm cool wit Ice T
But NWA ain't shit to me
Dre beating on Dee from Pump it Up
Step to the Dog and get fucked up
I'm simplistic, imperialistic, idealistic
And I'm kicking ballistics
Having that gang war
We want to know what you're fighting for
Fighting over colors?
All that gang shit is for dumb muthafuckas
But you go on thinking you're hard
Come to New York and we'll see who gets robbed
Take your jeri curls, take your black hats
Take your wack lyrics and your bullshit tracks
Now you're mad and you're thinking about stomping
Well I'm from the South Bronx
Fuck Compton

You could not be more on the money with your assessment of Tim M-U-T. His first album was good for sheer balls, but the lyrics are so bad.

His second album, Do or Die is pure garbage. Because everyone was doing the shock value thing, his terrible lyrics were that much more apparent. To wit (from the song "I Get Wrecked" featuring KRS-ONE).

Baby baby um, maybe maybe um
You better run, cause you know I have a gun
Bang bang boogie, up jumps the boogie
Take that bullshit rap down the street
A skippedy be bop be bop, Scooby Doo
That bullshit's not me, that bullshit is you
I come correct, get much respect
Do some hummina hummina shit, and still get wreck
Cause I'm the Dog, the muthafuckin Dog ya hear
I'm the Dog, the muthafuckin Dog ya hear
MC's come close but never could get near
Cause I just smash, throwin keys through glass
Take his cash, whip his ass, and do a yard dash
So take your ass home, write a poem
And when you get nice, use the god damn phone
Cause I get buckwild, do some ole freestyle
And beat ya down with the turnstile
Doggie doggie bo boggie fanana fanna fo foggie
Me mi mo moggie, doggie
Rappers goin platinum doin this bullshit
I do the same shit, and make a big hit
Cause if you don't like my lyrical flow
I gotta make dough, don'tcha know, ya little ho-
Mo- sexual I bet you will
Be on the dick if it turns into a hit
But that type of shit is jumpin the fuck off
So I do the same, now I'm comin off
So don't get upset if you can't get lyrical respect
Don't get mad, get wreck

That is some putrid, repugnant lyrical shit right there...
The fact arguably the greatest MC of all time is also on that track. You take some of the most pathetic lyrics of all time then throw them up against KRS in the same joint. I'm pretty sure I could bust out a better effort that Timmy D.
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