Sunday, September 24, 2006


I rip New York and a million different places

One of Gangstarr’s more popular songs / posse cuts is “DWYCK”. It’s a decent song, but it sounds like every other song Nice &Smooth do or participate on. I personally think it’s extremely overrated and doesn’t deserve all the props it receives. On Gangstarr’s “Hard to Earn” album that features “DWYCK”, the track right before to me is one of Gangstarr’s jewels. To me, “Speak Ya Clout” is where it’s at. And never mind Lil’ Dap’s usually weak performance, Guru represents beautifully and my main man Jeru the Damaja straight makes the track. Each rapper’s verse is accompanied by their own unique beat. The beat Jeru rips is flat out awesome. It hits hard and Jeru does the Primo beat justice as he drops his vocals. Next time you’re out Dling some good tracks, pass up “DWYCK” and give “Speak Ya Clout” your listening attention.

Last year record companies were chumpin me
But now like chicks they all be up on me
and me so horny, I hit em like a groupie
Snatch off my hat wash my dick and keep it movin
Showing and proving on a day to day basis
I rip New York and a million different places
State to state country to country
My skills are legend in the style of poetry
I've paid my dues to this game word to mother
Peace New York hops it gets no rougher
Baby brother been puffing buddha and blunts since eighty-five
Before the fake motherfuckers started perpetrating live, I've
achieved mad props though niggaz roll around in jeeps
I ride the A-Train and get mad beeps
So when we bang bang boogie out jumps my boot knocks
Chicks comes in flocks when D.R.S. rocks glocks
And I mean it it's all done with the mind
I neutralize suckers because I'm alkaline
I could go on for days speaking bout my clout
So Lil Dap snatch the mic and show the motherfucker out

Thursday, September 21, 2006


a girl ask me for a ring and I put one around her whole eye

Big L is one of the tragic figures in rap music. Dude had all the talent in the world yet he was relatively unknown. He stayed true to his underground roots and put out some of the best music you have never heard. Then one day while trying to break up a fight on the street, he got capped. Potential and talent lost. However, instead of dwelling on the fact he was blasted, we can still enjoy the music he put out while he was alive. One of the songs I enjoy most is “No Endz No Skinz”. It’s the classic ghetto tale how unless you’re clockin’ big loot, you aint gonna scoop a honey. Underneath the tones and critics saying its another song disparaging women (fellow rapper Jeru and “Da Bitches” can feel his pain), the point he is making can be legit. And while I’m not going to endorse putting a ring around a girl’s eye, I’m all about not giving them 10 cent to drop cheese on their whopper!

I tell it how it is cause im a goldfigga
and I hate a money hungry girl a.k.a. golddigger
it aint even funny
some girls dont even know me askin me can they get some money
I'm lookin nuthin like ya poppa
I wouldnt give a chick 10 cent to put cheese on a Whopper
they wanna know why im so fly
a girl ask me for a ring and I put one around her whole eye
Chicks used to diss but now they wanna kiss
Yo Showbiz I'ma break it down like this

Friday, September 08, 2006


I'm as deadly as AIDS, when it's time to rock a party

A couple a months ago, I got married. It was a nice ceremony and a decent reception. Because of my affinity for old school rap music, I made sure the D.J. was going to mix in some classic rap music. And Hey D.J. came through pretty decently. He mixed up old school with rock, classic rock, and rat pack music. It was a nice verse. However, one song stood out. "Strickly Business" by EPMD. I'm not much of an EPMD Fan. I like maybe a handful of songs...although the older I get I seem to like them more and more but I digress. "Strickly Business" is truly my favorite EPMD song so when the D.J. played it, needless to say I was geeked. What makes this song stand out is PMD's second verse. This has always been my favorite and after the reception it was even more so. Shortly after the song ended, one of my groomsmen B-Shan rolled up and says to me "I don't think I'll ever be at another wedding reception where I'll hear the line "I'm as deadly as AIDS, when it's time to rock a party". Laughter ensued and this track became cemented among the top and most memorable songs of mine and it ensured that the verse would get its due here on the Top Rap Verses.

These 5 heads are truly deadly when its time to rock a party!

[Parrish Smith]
MC's look me in my face, then their eyes get weak
Pulse rate descends - heart rate increases
Like beam me up Scotty, I control your body
I'm as deadly as AIDS, when it's time to rock a party
And all due respect, when I say mic check
Let a sucker slide once, then I break his neck (then I break his neck)
So when I say jump, you'll reply "How high?"
Because I'm takin no prisoners, so don't play hero and die
You're just a soldier - and I'm a Green Beret
I do not think twice, about the MC's I slay
So if you want to battle, I highly recommend this:
Bring your dog, mom, and dad - because I'm Strictly Business
I'm Strictly Business..

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