Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Lookin at the hourglass, how long can this power last?

Long before the Wu-Tang Clan made Mafioso rap popular, Kool G Rap was acting like John Gotti, and driving a Maserati. He was making Mafia references in his raps and telling Mafia related stories in his songs long before it became popular to add “Gotti” to ones rap name. One of the originators of hardcore rap, Kool G Rap along with D.J. Polo are probably one of the most slept on acts in rap music. They have never gotten the respect they deserve, and as time goes on, G Rap continues to make solid albums and they continue to make relatively little noise. Probably because he doesn’t pump out a video of him acting like a gangster in some paradise location while he is sipping on Champaign. And you know what? I’m fine with that. I’ll take his little known raps that please my eardrums and be more than happy. If you’re unfamiliar with G Rap, start your journey with “Road to the Riches” and go from there. G Rap won’t disappoint and your need for real rap music that exists within will thank you for it.

A Thug will mug for drugs, he eventually bugs
Lookin for crack on carpets and rugs
The squealer tells, but the dealer still sells
Little spoiled kids inheritin oil wells
I was the type on the opposite side
Of smokin the pipe, in a beef I got hype
Cos rags to riches switches men to witches
Become stitches, body bags in ditches
Bloodshed, I painted the town red
People fled as I put a dread's head to bed
That mean's dead, in other words deceased
Face got erased, bullets got released
Bombs were planted, the kids were kidnapped
In fact that was a way to get back
At enemies who tried to clock G's
on my block, now they forever knock Z's
Plans of rampages went for ages
Some got knocked and locked inside cages
Some bit the dust for crumbs and crusts
In God We Trust, now rots to rust
Plus caps to cops, policeman drops
You blew off his top when the pistol went pop
Troopers, soldiers, rollin like boulders
Eyes of hate and their hearts get colder
Some young male put in jail
His lawyer so good his bail is on sale
Lookin at the hourglass, how long can this power last?
Longer than my song but he already fell
He likes to eat hardy, party
Be like John Gotti, and drive a Maserati
Rough in the ghetto, but in jail he's Jello
Mellow, yellow fellow, tell or hell, hello
One court date can turn an outlaw to an inmate
But just ?stay?, ship him upstate by the Great Lakes
And than a-wait and wait and wait
Til he breaks, that's all it takes
So he fakes to be a man, but he can't stand
On his own two feet because now he's in a new land
Rules are different and so is life
When you think with a shank, talk with a knife
Not my lifestyle so I made a U-turn
More money I earn, more money to burn
Pushin all buttons, pullin all switches
My name is G. Rap, I'm on the road to the riches

G Rap. The legend.
A little point, though. As far as not making much noise, I think you are referring to sales. As for the influence and respect, G Rap is still number one.
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